• Jeremy Bombard

What is a registered agent?

When you form a corporation or LLC in Massachusetts, you must, among other things, designate a registered agent. This person will mostly get notices from the Secretary of State when the annual report is due and accept service of process for lawsuits.

There are services out there that will charge anywhere between $200 to $600 a year to function as a registered agent. Should you pay for a registered agent? Not at all. When I set up a client’s entity, I always offer to be the registered agent. And I change absolutely nothing for this service. As stated above, I usually get the annual report notice, which I can then check with the client and get that filed with no extra work for the client. And if a client ever does get sued, it is always beneficial that it comes to me first so I can discuss it immediately with the client.

If you have one of those entities charging you a fee for their registered agent service, let me know. I would be happy to step in and take over as your registered agent (which costs you nothing). Feel free to contact me to discuss updating your registered agent.

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