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You most likely have a website for your business. Do you have terms and conditions for users of your website? If you don’t, consider it. It is an agreement between you and your users. The terms and conditions dictate how people can use your site. This protects you from your users because they are on notice if they do not agree with your terms, they are not to use your website.

Your terms and conditions set out your policies, how you deal with private information, warranty information, liability, and anything else you specifically want the user to know. This is a positive measure that sets forth how your website is governed.

Clients will ask if it’s worth it to have terms and conditions if users hardly ever read them. My response is that for me to draft terms and conditions isn’t a costly venture. For little money, a website can have custom terms and conditions that clearly sets forth the site’s policies. While not a guarantee, it is always better to have them to protect yourself.

If you have a website and are concerned if there is a chance of liability, please feel to contact and discuss getting terms and conditions drafted for your site. I will work to make sure the terms and conditions specifically apply to your site and provide proactive notice to all users.


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