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Last month, I wrote about the key people you need to assist your small business. After sending out the post, I heard feedback about other key people that are beneficial. Here are some of those additional key people you need to have on your team:

1. Merchant Services. Every business has expenses. If you can reduce expenses, you can increase profits. Someone who deals with merchant services (e.g., credit card processing) can analyze your expenses and find ways to reduce those expenses. The best part is that these companies do the analysis for free and only get paid if they can reduce your expenses.

2. Business Development Coach. Every business owner wants to make their business the best. Sometimes that owner needs direction and advice on how to achieve those goals. A business development coach can determine the owner’s plan to grow the business, make more money, smooth out any business relationships, and, most importantly, plan for the future.

3. Retirement Advisor. As part of future planning, a retirement advisor must ensure your personal and business plans work together. For a majority of business owners, their business is their biggest asset. At some point, the owner transition out of the business, and the advisor can assist with that process.

4. Website developer. This could be part of your IT outsourcing, but sometimes they are separate. An informative website developer will ensure your business is positioned online to be easily found. Plus, if you plan to take orders and transact business over your site, you must ensure you have all the security to protect your client’s information. A robust and up-to-date website is key to any business.

These (along with Part I) are essential people every small business owner should work with regularly. Please reach out if you do not have one of these people on your team and need a referral. I want to make sure you are always protected on all your business fronts.

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