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Do I Need an Attorney?

When I tell people I am an attorney, they ask me about a legal issue, and I am always glad to provide my insight. I try to give them advice they can use to resolve the issue themselves and save the costs of hiring an attorney. It sounds counter-productive to tell someone not to hire me, but eventually, I want to provide the best legal advice. If that is free advice, I am happy to assist.

Many people have told me they are fearful to speak with an attorney because of the cost. Most attorneys will initially confer with a potential client and not charge anything. I never charge for an initial conference. I hope to get a sense of the potential client’s legal issue and provide an overview, including an estimate of how much it will cost. If that client doesn’t go forward with me, then hopefully the next time they will consider me.

I don’t charge for an initial conference because I might not handle (or want to handle) the case. For example, I don’t handle criminal matters. However, I network with attorneys who do, and if a client comes to me with a criminal issue, I can refer them to someone who can properly handle their case.

I tell my clients to contact me with any legal issue, and if it is something I cannot handle, I will work to find them an attorney that will. And sometimes the issue is so simple; the client can handle it themselves and save themselves money. Most attorneys, including myself, do not want to overbill a client to make a few dollars. I would rather build a good relationship because when that person has a serious legal issue, they will hopefully come to me.

If you ever have a legal issue and are unsure what the next step is, feel free to call or email me anytime. I can break down the issue and provide you with some insight concerning the next steps. It might be a situation where we work together or hopefully work together in the future.

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