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This article reminds you that you must file an annual report if you have a limited liability company or a corporation in Massachusetts (or any state). I did a blog post on this last year. While there is not a requirement to file on any particular date during the year, it is best practice to file by year-end. Don’t forget if you fail to file, the Secretary of State can dissolve your entity. While not a catastrophic event, it is time-consuming to get your entity reinstated (not to mention more fees/costs).

The process to file your annual report is straightforward. Go to Corporations Division ( Then click on “Filing Methods” and choose to file online. Enter your CID and PIN (if you don’t have yours, you can ask for it via email). Once you sign in, you will choose the annual report, select the year you are filing, and confirm/update your entity’s information. Then, you’ll pay the filing fee, and your annual report will be filed. If you want a filed copy, you’ll need to wait and go back to the website and download a copy.

As always, I can quickly assess if you need to file one; if necessary, I can file it. Feel free to reach out to me anytime to ensure your entity’s annual report is current.

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